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Bankrupt Canil

Join MC Meles and Guru Sydpanda as they rap about the ill-fated 18th Century canal that used to run through Southampton. Even today, you can still walk much of the old route.


For Pandas, May is the time to reflect on the transient nature of life. So we offer you this.. from our gig at Landed Festival, Wales.

Imaginary Musical History – Part 1.

Chicago, 1949. Early footage from Panda-monium’s modern jazz period.


Imaginary Musical History – Part 2.

Paris, 1955. Rare footage of the overture to Panda-monium’s avant-garde opera Pneu.

Imaginary Musical History – Part 3.

Kerala, 1968. This was a time of transformation, both musically and spiritually for both pandas.

Imaginary Musical History – Part 4.

Manchester, 1995. Inspired by Kerala and electronic dance music, Panda-monium now sought to create a positive consciousness through trance-like rhythms and ambient sounds.